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Pledge Of Allegiance Print
Pledge Of Allegiance Print Package (10 each) 

This Pledge of Allegiance Print is being offered only once and will not be offered in this format again on this site.  I would like to find a Patriotic organization to purchase all of them to distribute to their organization or perhaps to use as gifts to their supporters.  

They are priced very low on purpose. America is coming back strong. Let's work and pray together to restore our Republic!

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Shipping Information



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This store has been created to supplement our meager income and to support the work of C R Lord Ministries, a non-denominational ministry dedicated to serving and honoring Christ.  Click the blue banner below to visit the ministry site.    


A thought for my fellow Christians and people everywhere on the planet.

"If the devil isn't bothering you it's probably because you aren't bothering him."

C R Lord 2017

Welcome to our online store. We offer quality prints with general content and some that are specific to Christians and others who subscribe to Christian principles and behavior as presented in the Bible.  All the prints have already been created and printed and are available to order immediately.

Our primary purpose in producing these prints is to bless as many people as is possible while providing a product that is pleasant to look at and will provide the recipient with pleasant memories for years to come.  All prints produced and sold by C R Lord Prints are printed in advance.  Not every print is specific to Christians alone.  All prints will have content that is based on good morals yet not specific to any religion.    

For examples of the poetry of C. R. Lord, whose book is being offered on this site and whose writing is on the prints please visit a page offering prints and read their content.    

Why You Should Shop Here

There are several very good reasons customers

should shop on this site which include the following:

      1.  As A Christian I believe God demands complete honesty in everything.

      2.  I apply #1 to every transaction and communication concerning the site.

      3.  My products are exactly as stated in the description.

      4.  I cover several costs or include them in the price of the item as stated

           within the description of the item offered.

      5.  I am in the habit of packaging everything so only careless handling by

           the carrier or a natural disaster could damage the items I sell.

      6.  I am very efficient in handling communications with customers and will

           not let you down in that respect or for any other thing within reason.

       7. There are no returns simply because they will not be necessary for the 

            reason expressed in #5.  

A SPECIAL NOTE:  The art prints sold on this site are of my own poetry placed on prints provided by a manufacturer of art prints through a distributor.  All the art prints are high quality art backgrounds pre-printed on 8.5" x 11" size acid-free archival quality 65lb card stock,that is laser and ink jet compatible.  A few of the prints contain the writings of other authors which are used by permission. Thank you for visiting our store today.

To everyone from Sunbury Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities I make a special offer concerning anything on this website.  I live in Sunbury; so then,  

If you are willing to come to my home to pick up your purchase(s) the shipping costs and taxes are eliminated by simply contacting me through the contact page and making arrangements to pay for and pick up the item(s) but with cash only.  I can ship them if that is what you prefer.

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